President 23-24 Rotary Club Korosten Ukreine 


During the fighting in Ukraine, our Rotary Club Korosten Ukraine with foreign and Ukrainian partners implemented a huge number of socially important projects, including:

- Sending seriously wounded people for treatment and rehabilitation abroad.

- Purchase of medical equipment.

- Sending humanitarian aid.

- Evacuation of children abroad.

- Help for orphanages and boarding schools.

- Help for disabled people and disabled children.

- Distribution of food rations to hard-to-reach areas.

- Delivery of drinking water to hard-to-reach areas.

- Providing housing to displaced people from places of hostilities, and much more...

But to continue and expand our assistance to as many people as possible, financial resources are needed because new needs and requests arise every day. To achieve this, our club makes maximum use of international connections to attract foreign investment in updating and improving the lives of people in Ukraine. After all, the life of every person is the main value.


Situation in Ukraine 

The mission of our Rotary Club Korosten Ukraine is to help our neighbors.

We cooperate and want to cooperate with Rotary Clubs around the world, with international agencies, businessmen, entrepreneurs and other foundations who want to invest in the restoration of human capital in Ukraine. Each of these organizations as a whole and as individuals plays a powerful role in helping Ukraine.

How we are working

Our Rotary Club Korosten Ukraine collects requests from people who need help, we find partners, implement specific projects, monitor the project until completion, and provide transparent reporting.

Congratulations and awards from RI and President of Rotary International Jennifer Jones to the youngest President in the world RC Korosten Ukraine Korobenko.


Rotary International International non-governmental organization that unites Rotary clubs around the world. We are a network of non-religious and non-political charitable public organizations that unite the best representatives of all countries, regardless of national and racial affiliation, religion and political views.

Rotary club Korosten 

1.2 million members Number of Rotary members worldwide. They are united in more than 36,000 clubs. The number of club members is constantly growing! More than 1000 members In Ukraine today. They make up 54 clubs in different cities of Ukraine. There are 1 club in Korosten.

Past President 22-23

Founder of Rotary Club Korosten Ukraine

Svitlana Sapanovych

History of Ukrainian Rotary

The first Rotary Clubs in the territory of nowadays Ukraine were registered before WWII: in Uzhgorod – in 1929; in Chernivtsi – in 1932; in Lviv – in 1935. When WWII unleashed RI made a decision to suspend Rotary Clubs activity in the occupied territories. The first post-war Rotary Club was established in Kyiv in 1991.

From 1991 to 1994 Ukraine together with all Clubs in the territory of the former USSR belonged to District 1430 (Finland). In 1994 on request of PDG 1680 (Alsace Lorraine, France) RI made a decision on District 1680 protectorate over Ukraine. Later, Ukraine was assigned to a Special enlargement zone, and Leon Logel was appointed the Plenipotentiary representative of RI President.

In November 1999 at the RI Conference in Budapest presided by RI President Carlo Ravizza there was elaborated the project that presupposed creation of a separate international District for Belarus, Poland and Ukraine on the base of existing District 2230 (Poland) from July 2000.

The first Ukrainian DG in 2002/2003 tenure was Pavlo Kashkadamov (RC Lviv). In 2007 the District was headed for the second time by a Ukrainian Rotarian – Andriy Bahanych (RC Uzhgorod). The third Ukrainian DG in 2011/2012 tenure was Myroslav Gavryliv (RC Lviv). In 2014/2015 a Ukrainian Rotarian – Olexiy Kozhenkin (RC Kyiv) - holds a DG position.

District 2232

Campaign to eradicate Polio. Separate direction.

This is a terrible infectious disease, the only rescue from which is vaccination. For more than 30 years, Rotary systematically initiates and supports mass vaccination of children and adults around the world, bringing impressive results - Polyomyelitis destroyed by 99.9%. We hope in the next few years to give children the World free from this disease.

Directions of Service

Promoting peace

Building peace in the world in places covered by military action, working with people who have been displaced as a result of hostilities.

Saving Mothers and Children

Reducing mortality in children under 5 years of age. Adjustment of medical care and sanitary conditions. Children's vaccination, antibiotics for children.

Ensuring the growth of the local economy

Projects that stimulate the development of the economy create decent conditions for productive work. Strengthening enterprises.

Support for Education

Increase adult literacy, improvement of basic education, and reduction of gender inequality in education.

Fighting diseases

Improve and expand access to affordable and free medical care. Help in preventing the burning of serious disorders.

Providing the population with clean drinking water

More than 3,000 children die every day from intestinal diseases caused by poor water. Rotary projects are aimed at the development of water and sewerage systems.


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